• Image of TMNTober (Inktober 2018)

Inktober! When a young man's fancy turns to producing one inked drawing a day for his adoring fans all over the internet! And for Shuster Award-nominated cartoonist Kelly Tindall, that meant drawing thirty characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Specifically, the characters as they appeared in the 1991 Konami Nintendo game TMNT 3: THE MANHATTAN PROJECT! How weirdly specific!

I realize the photo's not the greatest, but if you want a better look, they're all hiding out on my Twitter media page: https://twitter.com/kellytindall/media

Here they are, in order:

1) Bebop
2) Tokka
3) Groundchuck SOLD
4) Slash SOLD
5) Donatello SOLD
6) Thunderbird Foot Soldier
7) Krang
8) Mother Mouser
9) Leatherhead
10) Heavyweight Foot Soldier
11) Shredder
12) Pizza SOLD
13) Sword Foot Soldier
14) Rock Soldier (Granitor)
15) Rocksteady
16) Rock Soldier (Traag)
17) Dirtbag
18) Michaelangelo SOLD
19) Foot Soldier
20) Rahzar
21) Leonardo SOLD
22) April O'Neil
23) Mousers
24) TCRI Droid
25) Zapped Turtle
26) Krang (Robot Body) SOLD
27) Raphael SOLD
28) Super Shredder
29) Technodrome SOLD

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