• Image of Show Me History: Babe Ruth: Baseball's All-Time Best!

A rollicking 96-page hardcover graphic novel that tells the story of baseball legend Babe Ruth and his rise from boarding school to the most famous hitter in history!

Long regarded as the greatest player in baseball history, George Herman “Babe” Ruth transformed the sport with his legendary power and personality. Babe Ruth: Baseball’s All-Time Best! tells the story of Ruth’s life in graphic novel format—from his humble beginnings in Baltimore to superstardom with the New York Yankees. Never one to keep quiet, Babe Ruth was a player whose outsized swing and character made him a star both on and off the field. Baseball fans of all ages will be entertained and educated by the full-color illustrations and historically accurate narrative of this graphical biography.

This book was written by Jim Buckley, illustrated by Kelly Tindall, with design and letters by John Roshell and a cover by Ian Churchill. Perfect for the sports fan in your life!